Propertyusp is unique, a true one off and a future market leader in the making, designed to sell properties that have their own unique selling points - USP!​

Propertyusp is the new global brand that is designed to focus, market and sell properties with a true USP.​

How could you sell your property without a location? can't!

Propertyusp focuses on the usp of the property!

How Does Propertyusp Work? 

Propertyusp will only market properties that fall under our USP criteria, it's not a question of value, but it's USP, 'unique selling points'! from a beach hut to a castle, the solution to find and sell these very unique properties across the World, is finally here.​

Built by on the ground experienced property specialists, designers and marketing guru's that can make the difference! Our concept has never been done, our ethos is different, our approach is unparalleled, our touch will be unique!